Boost your sales with Marketing Automation

Rekomenduj podobne produkty

Recommend similar products

We have data on your customers’ purchasing intentions. It is now accessible to you. Send promotions of recommended products that meet the expectations of your consumers.

  • Boost your sales by using cross-selling and upselling techniques
  • Learn about current purchasing intentions of consumers
  • Create customer commitments

Engage your customers

Engage your consumers to buy in greater volume and more frequently. Occasional mailing shots will allow you to inform customers of new products in your shop and last-minute offers.

  • Increase LTV and buying frequency
  • Increase the average cart value
  • Build your brand awareness
Angażuj swoich klientów
Uratuj porzucone koszyki

Recover abandoned orders

Do you have customers who add products to their cart but do not complete the transaction? Find out what they leave there and why. Newsflashes about abandoned products will motivate your customers to finish their shopping.

  • Reduce the number of abandoned orders
  • Send a newsflash with specific products
  • Recover traffic and increase conversion

By importing data directly from Google Analytics, you can quickly check the number of transactions and turnover generated by your promotion.

We designed Eagile to sell effectively!

Zaprojektowaliśmy Eagile, aby skutecznie sprzedawał!

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